May 22, 2023

LeaderShift 2023


LeaderShift is a gathering for folks who are inclusionists - people who are working to make the spaces they influence more equitable and just for all. Some have titles. Some don't. Some have been in the work for decades. Others are preparing to begin.

But all those who have a passion for DEI have a place at LeaderShift.

We gathered over 100 of these folks in Dayton, OH on May 18th, 2023 for a day of content and connection.

And it was an amazing day! It was reflective and fun. Relational and connective. We sank into deep conversation, and we danced. It was an absolute joy!

  • Dr. Bleuzette Marshall schooled us on moving DEI work from project-oriented moments to consistent embedment within the systems of the organization.
  • Jamille Jones practiced what she preaches as she took us on a journey of play, joy, and rest as protest. We laughed, danced, and experienced a new way to hold hard moments.
  • Laura Hutchinson explained a deeper side of allyship, and the unintentional identity binaries it creates, as she guided us toward allyship as a verb.
  • amaha sellassie wove a meaningful exploration of co-conspiratorial community-building as he and I talked about what community means, doesn't, and how it gets sustained.
  • Dr. Pascal Losambe absolutely brought the house down as he passionately encouraged us to move from resilience to anti-fragility, to lean into discomfort, and to take strength from uncertainty.
  • Michael Carter took us on a guided tour of "Our American Journey," a custom-curated museum exhibit exploring the Black experience in America, currently being hosted by Sinclair Community College.

We'll be back in Dayton on May 16th, 2024, and in Columbus as well. Watch for that date coming soon!


A few "thank you's" who made LeaderShift 2023 a success.

To all that attended - thank you. 💚  I call these events "gather-to-grow" events because if you all don't show up in power, grace, wisdom, and joy, it doesn't matter what I've got planned. You all showed up, and helped us all grow up. Thank you for trusting me with this day.

Sinclair Community College, Michael Carter, and Michele Marcum - thank you for hosting us. Your generosity and graciousness made the details of the day easy to manage, and your gift of the space made the day possible in the first place. Thank you for being excited about this vision with me.

Bleuzette Marshall, Jamille Jones, Laura Hutchinson, amaha sellassie, and Pascal Losambe, Ph.D. - thank you for your time and the treasure of your thinking. You collectively distilled decades and decades of expertise into a singular experience for us. We are beyond grateful.

To the people, companies and organizations that bought tickets, created space for time off, and handled responsibilities in the absence of our attendees, thank you.

Julian Myles Photography - thank you for capturing the day. You were a joy to work with!

To download these pictures simply right-click on them and "Save Image As".

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