We're Committed

To Creating Space

Space for reflection and learning. For tough and tender conversations. For connection and relationship. Space for reshaping culture, refining vision, and redefining what’s possible. Space for impact. Space for change.

Our Vision

That companies and communities are expansive spaces – full of opportunity and belonging for all.

Our Mission

To create trust-filled and growth-focused spaces where everyone gets to get better.

We believe in the power of eager learning.

Reframing old information in new ways
Embracing challenging contexts
Exploring complex questions and collaborative solutions

We believe in the power of earnest connection.

Creating trust-filled learning spaces
Seeking the threads of similarity that tie us together
Honoring the nuances of our unique identities

A space creator™ facilitator shows up to:

Support Reflectivity

Change starts with individuals. Every leader, manager, and team member is invited and inspired to explore their who, their why, and their what’s next.


Provoke Engagement

Stepping into the discomfort of tough conversations is hard. But embracing new perspectives allows us to shift from conflict to collaboration.


Accept Ownership

It’s not about us versus them; it’s about us. We acknowledge and own our shared challenges and opportunities with courage and conviction.



The power of “what’s possible if…” is compelling and palpable. We lean into that power when we dream beyond our current ruts, risks, and rewards.



It’s all about getting better. We empower and enable individual change-agents, and redesign organizational practices, policies, and procedures.


In everything we do, we work to create space.

Meet Our Team

Daniel Juday

Founder + Facilitator
As the founder of Space Creator Daniel is on a mission to create more inclusive and impactful professional spaces. His efforts are nestled at the intersection of employee thriving, organizational culture, and leadership development. Daniel has worked with a diverse array of organizations, from Fortune 100 companies to scrappy entrepreneurial teams, and everything in between, as well as conference planners, learning and development leaders, universities, school districts, and nonprofit boards - in nearly every industry. He keynotes conferences, facilitates workshops, and coaches executive teams. His work has taken him from coast to coast, Canada, and even a cruise ship in international waters. Daniel's personal and engaging energy creates a space where learning, connection, and growth are all possible.

Noelle Juday

Strategic Director
Noelle is passionate about creating space for thriving, belonging and growth, and has translated that passion into roles within higher education, entrepreneurialism, and the nonprofit leadership space. She shows up with clarity of purpose and a commitment to process - a combination that has made her an invaluable partner to organizational leaders. Most recently her work focused on leadership in a youth service organization, and through strategic guidance and tactical efforts Noelle partnered in leading year-after-year revenue and impact growth, resulting in hundreds of thousands of children benefiting from educational & service opportunities. As a co-owner of Space Creator Noelle brings an expertise in intersecting strategy and systems that will create space for better service, better relationships, and better impact.

Pascal Losambe, Ph.D.

Strategic Advisor
With a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and a Masters in Biology, Dr. Pascal Losambe brings a depth of knowledge to DEI and culture work that is nearly unrivaled. He advises on policy at Purdue University, leads DEI efforts at a private, independent school, and still finds the time to travel the country speaking and educating around inclusion, culture, and science of belonging. He is relational, kind, and an unending source of energetic engagement. You can find Pascal at https://www.synergyconsultingcompany.com/

Delaine Teabout Thomas, MPH

Strategic Advisor
Delaine Teabout Thomas (she/her) is a granddaughter of the Great Migration, a public health scholar, and a proud alchemist for change. You'll hear her ask, "What has happened so far? How is it impacting us today? And how might we use it all to design a better future?" These questions have carved Delaine's unique expertise in innovation at the intersection of health equity, social justice, and implementation science. Her wide range of experiences include leading public-sector DEI strategy, board facilitation and development, and leading research for improved health quality. She currently serves as an independent strategist and consultant, specializing in organizational policy for social and health equity. You can find Delaine at https://www.linkedin.com/in/delaine-thomas/.

Jessica Altman

Strategic Advisor
With a professional history of human resources work and a specialty in manager coaching, Jess is known for helping managers and team leaders elevate their leadership approach. She’s coached managers around the world through challenges like tough feedback, performance evaluations, DEI work, effective communications, and conflict engagement. You can find Jess at https://risewithjess.com/
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