Accelerant Culture

Space to Belong.

Space to be launched.

Culture isn’t the product we cross our fingers and hope for. It’s the process we build to get us there.

When we confuse values or vision with culture, we confuse an end-state for a journey. Values and vision are awesome. Companies need them. They are North stars that serve as targets, as “this is who we want to become” kinds of sentiments. But that’s not culture. Culture isn’t who we want to become. Culture is how we do team today, and how we feel about it.
Culture isn’t our vision statement; it’s our vehicle of transportation towards realizing that vision. When we understand culture this way we have an immediate front-door opportunity into affecting it.

How can we help you?

Employee Disengagement + Toxic Culture

When things go off the rails, we examine the rails.
We know when things don’t feel right, look right, or go right. We often call that toxic culture. Here’s the problem: toxic culture is used interchangeably with toxic people. Toxic culture, though, isn’t a result of toxic people; it’s a result of toxic conditions. That’s different.
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Training +
Culture Curation

Gather the team to figure out how to do team better.
Most leaders and teams come into a conversation about culture pre-loaded with lots of ideas about what it is. But that’s not really the hard part. The hard part is figuring out how to move from the assumptions you have about culture to actually moving your culture forward.
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+ Collaboration

Your team’s conflict might just be collaboration in training.
If you’re looking for a way to build a better sense of team or to develop more productive collaboration, consider exploring how conflict is actually a tool toward collaboration rather than an obstacle to it. Better conflict might actually equal better collaboration.
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Culture Assessment
+ Coaching

We measure what we treasure - let’s get a sense of where you’re at.
When you set targets without understanding your starting place, you can’t really be sure if your trajectory is going to take you to the place you want. The Accelerant Culture Experience Indicator is a way to get a sense of the experience your team members are having.
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Kind Words From Clients
“He created a safe, inclusive, and comfortable environment to dive deeply in conversation… [It’s a] space that allows individuals to feel comfortable to open up.”
Culture Workshop Participant
Higher Education Industry
“Daniel’s leadership and design for great professional development is cutting edge and easily adapted for all teams, in all industries.”
Chief Operating Officer
Healthcare Industry

How We Create This Space

Phase 1:

Accelerant Culture Workshop Series

This is a series of workshops designed for team leaders, managers, senior leaders, and executives. We’ll explore an understanding of culture as a process versus a product, and build a deeper understanding of why toxic cultures develop and what to do about them. We’ll cover the conditions necessary for team members to thrive, and build a working model built around the 4 practices of Accelerant Culture: Enrollment, Education, Engagement, and Examination. Also included is an option for a culture assessment that tracks employee experience back to the Accelerant Culture model, so that workshop participants can identify areas of growth and points of challenge.
Session 1: Launch
Sessions 2-3: Trajectory
  • Session 2: Enrollment
  • Session 3: Education
  • Session 4: Engagement
  • Session 5: Examination
Session 6: Culture Map Guidance
Inlcuded Assets
Flight Plan
A 60-page, visually-rich workbook that:
  • engages your team in live note-taking, a research-proven learning tool
  • enriches the in-person discussion with readings and diagrams
  • allows for after session reflection & ongoing conversation
  • provides opportunity for asynchronous learning across time and distance
Experience Indicator
A team culture assessment that:
  • captures team member experiences anonymously
  • uses easy-to-understand language that all employees can relate to
  • tracks employee experience onto the Accelerant Culture Model
  • provides visibility to strength and opportunity areas
Culture Map
A poster-sized culture map that:
  • illustrates and memorializes the discussions in real time
  • serves as a living artifact for continued discussion and planning
  • allows for re-strategizing and re-organizing goals
  • equips managers and team leaders with a easy-to-see visual of the culture
Phase 2:

Accelerant Culture Leadership Lab

This is a series of workshops designed for graduates of the Accelerant Culture Workshop Series, and is built to help team leaders and managers become the kind of leaders able to effectively curate an Accelerant Culture. We’ll cover a 3-part framework for leadership development: me, you, us. Within each part are 2 modules, unfolding the competencies of leadership of self, others, and a team.
Session 1: Opening
Sessions 2: Me
  • Module 1: Identity - Who am I?
  • Module 2: Agency - What can I do?
Sessions 3: You
  • Module 3: Connection - Who are you?
  • Module 4: Advocacy - How can I support?
Sessions 4: Us
  • Module 5: Vision - Where are we going?
  • Module 6: Culture - How do we get there?

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