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Building a community of inclusionists

to shift Business

and culture

Leadershift 2024 Program

The work of inclusion and equity is always challenging, and often lonely. Let's create community.

LeaderShift is an opportunity to gather with those doing the work, and those who support those doing the work, for a day of resource sharing and rejuvenation.
This is a gather-to-grow event. Your attendance and participation don’t just make the event better, they make it work. Our goal is to send out every attendee more refreshed and better supported.

This event is for all aspiring inclusionists.

Regardless of the role or position you hold, we believe you'll find and create value with us if you intend to. We expect to see the following roles represented:
Chief Diversity Officers
Directors and Managers of Diversity
ERG and BRG Leaders
Those who Ally, Activate, and Advocate
HR and People-Leaders
For those already deeply invested in the work of DEI, it’s been a chance to learn from others with new perspectives, and to put their seasoned ideas into conversation with folks newly interested in the field. **It’s enlightening**.

For those attending as a way to learn about DEI, and learn how to help their companies or teams grow in it, it’s been a chance to build a relational network and learn from those who have gone before. It’s educational.
And, for all that attend, it’s a true joy. It’s elevating.
Join us to lend your voice and experience to those who will benefit from it, and leave better equipped to create the world we want to live in.
Click here to see the upcoming Leader Shift 2024 Event page.
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