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Through engaging stories, compelling research, and people-centered practices, we help organizations create trust-filled, growth-focused spaces.
Why Space?
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Why Space?

The world is a complicated place. Change is a constant. Answers are hard. People are complex. You don’t need a solution in a box - you need space.
Reflective space where you can pause to learn.
Relational space where you can connect and lead.
Safe space for tough conversations with your team.
Strategic space where intentions turn into action.
Inclusive space where everyone gets to improve.
We can help.
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Kind Words From Clients
“Our team embraced the personalized path Daniel designed specifically for our team, and we have instituted a model for strong interdependent relationships focused on executive growth. Daniel’s leadership and design for great professional development is cutting edge and easily adapted for all teams, in all industries.”
Chief Administrative Officer
Industry: Healthcare
“Never have I had the opportunity to work with a facilitator like you. Please know that you have changed my perspective on what I feel team building and professional development looks like. Your ability to read a room, set the tone and open up the space for difficult, yet healthy dialogue, is profound. I'm honored to have had the opportunity to work with you and look forward to continuing to build with you and the team in the near future.”
VP of Workforce Development
Industry: Nonprofit
“Daniel is a gifted natural facilitator and I would highly recommend him for leading discussions on difficult topics. He goes above and beyond in preparing high quality, well researched professional materials that will wow any audience. I can not emphasize enough that Daniel is THE choice in this field to bring about a real change in your organization.”
Chief Diversity Officer
Industry: Higher Education
“Daniel demonstrates a unique way of working and engaging with his partners. We have as an organization learned with and from his simple, yet impactful approach to engage on topics that can be tricky to navigate. Daniel is a "Space Creator" and highly recommend him and appreciate his partnership.”
Sr. Director of Talent
Industry: Manufacturing

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